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Internal advisors & supervisors

In many areas of community work arrangements are made for internal supervision of work, particularly direct services such as casework. Additionally, some workplaces have arrangements in place for provision of specialist or expert advice for workers.

These arrangements play an important role in ensuring that clients receive accurate and quality services but also support community workers who face difficult issues including ethical and conduct dilemmas.

Supervision can take many forms:

line management
direct supervision by senior, more experienced or more qualified workers
case review meetings
internal bring up and review systems, such as computerised case management
workplace training and skill building.

For example, workers in community legal centres have internal procedures to ensure quality of advice, including:

regular internal case reviews
responsibility for supervision with a principal solicitor or person responsible.

Key questions around the topic of Internal Advisors & Supervisors include:

What policies and procedures are in place for internal supervision?
What requirements or standards need to be met for internal supervision?
What is the process for internal supervision?
How is quality and accuracy of internal supervision ensured?
How is responsibility for internal supervision determined?
Is internal supervision reviewed?