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Trade unions and similar organisations can provide advice and advocacy support for community workers who are experiencing workplace issues, including conduct issues.

Trade unions and similar organisations have membership requirements which might include position description criteria and membership fees.

Questions to ask include:

Are there any relevant unions or associations open to membership?
Does your workplace have a policy on membership of relevant unions or associations?

Union Membership - 5 Reasons Why You Should Join

All workers in Australia have the right to join a union.

Whether you work in a large or small business, in an office or a constuction site - there is a union that can represent you.

To join, all it takes is one phone call or join online.

Five Reasons why you should Join a Union Today!

1. Protection against unfair treatment at workBack to top

To protect your rights at work the best thing you can do is join a union.

Unions provide expert advice and assistance to members on:

- Wages
- Hours of Work
- Working Conditions
- Health and Safety issues
- Worker's compensation
- Superannuation
- Training and Education

You have the right to be treated with fairness and respect at work. Unions campaign to maintain your workplace rights.

2. Workplace health and safetyBack to top

The number one priority of unions is to ensure the safety of their members at work.

Evidence shows that union representation makes a difference. Having union members in the workplace increases Health and Safety awareness by up to 70%.

3. Better wages, Better conditionsBack to top

Union members earn on average $109 a week more than non-union employees. Union members also get better sick leave and holdiay leave entitlements and are more likely to receive long service leave and paid maternity leave.

Union members are better trained, have better working conditions, more job security and work fewer hours.

4. Membership benefitsBack to top

Union membership can save you money.

Unions offer a range of membership benefits - from cheap home loans to discount consumer goods.

Membership is also fully tax deductible.

5. Help get better workplace lawsBack to top

Unions want a fair system of workplace laws:

- Protection from unfair dismissal
- A strong safety net for all Australians
- Collective agreements when workers want one
- Penalty rates, overtime, public holidays, redundancy pay and work allowances.
- Regular and fair setting of the minimum wage

Become a union member and be part of the fight to protect the Australian way of life.

Your Rights at Work are Worth Fighting For.

Who can join?

All Australian workers have the right to join a union.

Whether you work in a large or small business, in an office or on a construction site - there is a union to represent you.

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For more information on unions go to the Australian Council of Trade Unions website:

Australian Council of Trade Unions - Australian Council of Trade Unions Home Page