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What are Community Organisations?

Community organisations are formal or informal groups of people based in or around a “community” and are organised in some way, usually having some structure, rules or legal entity but sometimes being just an informal association.

Local landcare groups involve a group of people who come together to address local environmental issues such as pollution, noxious weeds, erosion. They are mostly incorporated associations. There are over 4,000 landcare groups in Australia.
Community organisations are richly varied groups but are often described by one of these names:

non-profit organisation
not-for-profit corporation
non government organisations
private voluntary organisations
unincorporated associations
incorporated associations
companies limited by guarantee
community based
managed by volunteers.

Community legal centres are an example of a community based non-profit association. Community legal centres provide direct (information, advice, casework and representation) services and undertake indirect (community legal education, law and legal system reform and community development) activities.