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A word of caution

It is important to ensure that you understand the application of these laws to the work undertaken by community organisations. For example, it is likely that most community organisations would fall into the category of providing goods and services and cannot therefore discriminate under any of the grounds unless:

the organisation has an exemption
there is an exception
a specific provision applies.

Therefore it would be prudent for any organisation to have policies on the following:

sex harassment
workplace bullying.

Many organisations have an access and equity policy or statement that covers these issues.

Many agencies that are charged with enforcing these sorts of laws can provide assistance in the following areas:

training and education on the laws
model policies that can be used
dispute resolution services.

Whilst community workers may see these sorts of issues as the ones they will help their own clients with, it is not unknown for community organisations to receive a complaint of this nature, so be prepared.