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Specific discrimination issues for community organisations

There are a number of provisions that are relevant for community organisations. For example section 91 provides:

91 Accommodation with charitable purposes

It is not unlawful to discriminate on the basis of sex, relationship status or age with respect to a matter that is otherwise prohibited under subdivision 1 if--

(a) the accommodation concerned is under the direction or control of a body established for charitable purposes; and

(b) the discrimination is in accordance with the particular purposes for which the accommodation was established by the body.
Additionally, section 97 provides:

97 Club established for minority cultures and disadvantaged people

A club may exclude applicants for membership of the club who are not members of the group of people with an attribute for whom the club was established if the club operates wholly or mainly--

(a) to preserve a minority culture; or

(b) to prevent or reduce disadvantage suffered by people of that group.
Section 104 provides:

104 Welfare measures

A person may do an act to benefit the members of a group of people with an attribute for whose welfare the act was designed if the purpose of the act is not inconsistent with this Act.
An example of some areas where discrimination is not unlawful:

it is not unlawful for a bus operator to give travel concessions to pensioners or to give priority in seating to people who are pregnant or frail
it is not unlawful to restrict special accommodation to women who have been victims of domestic violence or to frail, older people
it is not unlawful to establish a high security patrolled car park exclusively for women that would reduce the likelihood of physical attacks.

Section 110 provides:

110 Charities

A person may include a discriminatory provision in a document that provides exclusively for charitable benefits, and may do an act that is required to give effect to such a provision.