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Standard of care

The notion of a standard of care refers to the degree of care that the law expects a person will take in same or similar circumstances. For example, where a nurse is administering drugs to a patient in a hospital, the standard of care refers to the level of care that can be expected of the nurse. So for instance, it stands to reason that the care taken by a nurse would be higher than a person without nursing qualifications and experience.

Similarly, it stands to reason that a community worker may owe a higher standard of care in some circumstances because of their role as a community worker. The standard of care is a complex legal concept but it can be broken down into a number of components:

it is measured by the expectation of the application of professional skills to a given task
the standard of the skilled and qualified person varies from the unskilled/unqualified such as a hairdresser performing a piercing compared with a surgeon performing a piercing, a law student's advice compared with a senior barrister's advice
some professions get individual treatment because of their peculiar situation or issues of liability, e.g, where physical injuries arise.