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Specific codes of ethics

Specific codes tend to address a particular area such as conflicts of interest or client confidentiality. They can take a number of forms:

additional or supplementary codes
complementary guidelines

For example, The Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics is complemented by a series of guidelines. "The purpose of the Guidelines is to clarify and amplify the application of the principles established in the Code and to facilitate their interpretation in contemporary areas of professional practice. The Guidelines are subsidiary to the relevant sections of the Code and must be read and interpreted in conjunction with the Code. A Member acting inconsistently with the Guidelines will bear the burden of demonstrating that his or her professional conduct was not unethical." - SOURCE: Australian Psychological Society

The specific guidelines include:

Guidelines for the Provision of Psychological Services for and the Conduct of Psychological Research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People of Australia
Guidelines for the Use of Aversive Procedures
Guidelines on Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect, and Criminal Activity
Guidelines on Confidentiality (including when Working with Minors)
Guidelines for Psychotherapeutic Practice with Female Clients
Guidelines Regarding Financial Dealings and Fair Trading
Guidelines on the Teaching and Use of Hypnosis
Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Clients
Guidelines For Managing Professional Boundaries and Multiple Relationships
Guidelines on the Proscription of Sexual Relations with Clients
Guidelines Relating to Procedures/Assessments that Involve Psychologist-Client Physical Contact
Guidelines for the Use of Psychological Tests
Guidelines Relating to Recovered Memories
Guidelines Relating to Suicidal Clients.

The Australian Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics contains specific guidelines that include:

involuntary clients
multiple clients