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Position description or employment conditions

Community workers are often described by their position or job description, for example:

community development officers
welfare officers
disability support workers
community resource workers

Organisations often employ a range of staff to provide the services that are offered. Some organisations use generic terms, whereas others will use their own terms, titles or descriptions. The position descriptions and titles can also be influenced by the nature of the organisation. For example, one organisation might call a worker a counsellor, whereas another might use support worker or advocate even though the workers may do the same work, or even be funded under the same or similar program.

Community legal centres often employ non-legal staff to assist clients with information, advice, counselling and advocacy services. These positions include community development workers, financial counsellors, caseworkers etc.
Range of employment conditions

Like the range of position descriptions that exist, community workers are employed in a range of ways, including:

Under an employment contract: at the simplest level, community workers are employed under a contract with their employer which sets out the terms and conditions of their employment
Under awards: the most common awards are: Social and Community Services Award (SACS Award)
Under agreements: the most common agreements are: Enterprise Bargain Agreements (EBAs) and Certified Agreements (CAs) filed with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.