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Community workers have many and varied qualifications. Qualifications includes all relevant qualifications from secondary and tertiary education providers, including:

secondary schools and colleges
TAFE colleges
private education providers
registered training organisations (RTOs).

Community workers carry a range of qualifications, not necessarily related to the work they do. Some obvious examples include individuals with tertiary (university or other) qualifications in:

social work
social sciences
community welfare
occupational therapy

These areas are often called the caring professions. Community workers may hold other types of qualifications such as in law, teaching or child-care, or even music, art and science.

Organisations may not be readily recognisable as being community based. For example community legal centres and other community based legal services are often perceived as being closer to private for profit businesses than non-profit associations simply because of the work they do. Community legal centres employ lawyers who are admitted to legal practise and who engage in community legal work. Though not perhaps immediately recognisable as community workers, these lawyers undertake similar work to people in counselling and support roles. They call themselves “community lawyers” and their work “community law”.