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What is the 'Legal Entity'

Something very important to bear in mind is that the community organisation is the legal entity that provides community work. This means the XYZ Neighbourhood House Inc. and its committee of management is the legal entity, not the community workers who actually provide the services. The association and its committee are the:

service provider
contractor if the association is funded
legal decision makers.

Effect of business name

In Queensland the Business Names Act 1962 allows for registration of a business name. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) notes:

By law, if you operate a business in Queensland you must register your business under a business name with the Office of Fair Trading.
It is an offence to use an unregistered business name in Queensland.
If you are using your own name, that is, your given names and/or initials followed by your surname without any addition, you do not need to register as a business name.
If you decide to add anything to your own name, for example "Joe Bloggs Bakery", "JM Bloggs Bakers" or "JM Bloggs and Associates", you must register a business name.
The Office of Fair Trading maintains a public register of business names, which is available for consumers and suppliers to search so they can identify the owners of a business. There is a fee for using this service.

Further, the OFT suggests registration because:

It's a requirement under the Business Names Act 1962.
Registration helps you establish a business identity and gives you credibility.
Many organisations, including credit providers, are wary of fly-by-night operators and require proof of registration.
Banks will need to sight a registration certificate before opening an account in the name of the business.
New customers and suppliers are more likely to deal with someone whose business is registered with the Office of Fair Trading.
Business name registration also helps you know who you are dealing with in terms of your business customers and the suppliers you use.